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Full range of rotating equipment

Roteq Machinery Inc develops and manufactures rotating equipment for wire and cable, umbilical and hose industries. Its portfolio of completed projects spans the full range of rotating equipment, including armoring, stranding, cabling and taping, and includes auxiliary equipment for complete production lines.

The company's capabilities range from double twist tape shielding lines to 84" single twist machines, to optical cable stranding lines and auxiliary equipment.

The next-generation V16 strip armoring machine, for the production of interlocked armor on cables up to 50mm (2") in diameter, is claimed to provide manufacturers with improvements to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Machine operators experience easier set-up and pad changes, and a healthier environment. Preventive maintenance requirements are reduced while machine reliability is enhanced.

Large conductor manufacturers are offered Roteq's technology for compact aluminum conductors made with individual strand roll forming in-line with the strander. This system, deployed with a Roteq single or double twist strander for production of single input wire (SIW) conductor, provides improved productivity with minimal work-in-progress (WIP). For stranding large compact and compressed copper conductors, Roteq offers concentric, single twist and double twist stranders.

Roteq provides equipment, spare parts and field service from its facility near Toronto, Canada.