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Industry 4.0 concept with braider for medical technology applications

With Niehoff Digital Assistant+, Niehoff's Industry 4.0 offering, machine, production and process data can be recorded, making continuous process monitoring and machine condition analysis possible.

The MSM 83 compact rod breakdown machine with electronic controls is designed to draw rod wire made of copper and copper alloys to a finished diameter range of 1.38 to 4.56mm (0.054" to 0.179"), equipped with 11 drafts. The MSM 83 can operate at speeds up to 38m/s (7,480 fpm) and is available with 11, 13 and 15 drafts. As the drawing capstans are placed on two levels, the MSM 83 is short and can fit into tight spaces.

The company's BMV 16.S vertical lever arm rotary braiding machine is designed for the production of medical technology products. Via the WTC (wire tension control) system, the machine regulates the braiding wire tension of the braiding bobbins, from full to empty condition. Consequently, all braiding wires are applied under uniform tension to the product to be braided.

The braider also keeps the braiding coverage ratio constantly at the pre-set value. With only the necessary braiding wire being applied, Niehoff states that up to 15 per cent of material can be saved, in comparison with conventional braiding machines.

The braider can automatically accelerate the bobbin rotational speed from 175 rpm to 200 rpm while reducing the frequency of the lubrication intervals, resulting an increased in braiding output and braids that are less contaminated with oil.