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Intelligent, connected measurement and control

NDC Technologies, a provider of connected measurement and process control solutions, has developed the new LayScan Pro lay length cable measurement system. The original LayScan accurately and consistently measures the lay length of twisted pairs at the cabler. The upcoming LayScan Pro takes lay length measurement a step further, enabling cable makers to precisely monitor and control the lay length of twisted-pair cables as they are being made inside the bow of a twinning machine.

The company's new AccuScan Pro single-axis diameter gauge with application versatility provides 100 per cent inspection of multi-strand wire during production. AccuScan Pro accurately measures the diameter of multi-strand wire and detects missing and broken strands, simultaneously. The system monitors processes in real time for a complete view of product quality.

The soon-to-be-released Smart Temp preheating solution offers high-frequency heating and integrated temperature control capabilities to deliver reliable, uniform in-process wire preheating to eliminate insulation voids in primary cables.

NDC's new LaserSpeed Pro M Series gauge accurately and reliably measures the length and speed of long, continuous cylindrical products during production that bounce and cannot be well-guided, and move off-axis or are out of the measurement range.