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First steps towards Industry 4.0 in a wire and cable factory

Software and equipment providers and advisers to the wire and cable industry often gear sales and marketing towards more established manufacturers with sophisticated processes, modern machines and sleek operational practices.

However, Cimteq — a specialist in cable design and manufacturing software — highlights that many manufacturers worldwide feel far away from even considering Industry 4.0 and smart-factory processes. As a software solution provider, Cimteq aims to show these manufacturers that significant investment of both time and money is not always necessary at the outset.

Advanced technology and connected automated systems are commonly considered the only solution to building a robust factory environment that can withstand changing industry conditions and increased competitor activity. This viewpoint might be valid in the long term, but several fast, cost-effective solutions can make a difference in the short term.

Cimteq states that the first step smaller manufacturers should take is to look at the bigger picture and visualize a future with a host of technology that enables greater flexibility, efficiency and productivity. This exercise will help them determine what their requirements are and will help them break down the project into smaller, more manageable and more affordable steps.

One way to start the automation process is to look for ways to translate information into digital data, analyse it, and then drive it back into the system. CableBuilder Go helps smaller and single-factory manufacturers design, cost and quote wire and cables of all types. The system enables fast and accurate designs and quotations, control and optimization of material costs, and financial projections.

Once the rewards of the initial automation phase are realised, a move to more complex design software, ERP and MES systems, all of which integrate seamlessly, can be considered, to continue the journey to smart manufacturing.

Cimteq's industry white paper, Applying Industry 4.0 to the Cable Factory Environment, can be accessed via the company's website.