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Stay smart with smart monitoring

Data gathering and monitoring in the process industry allow operators to know what is happening in the line in real time, as well as storing background data for future use.

Maillefer is offering new smart products for real-time monitoring of the performance of entire production lines or certain machines within a line. This monitoring can be the key process parameters from one line or from several lines producing the same quality, and even lines from different suppliers.

Where there is a need to monitor quality related parameters, various measurement gauges are connected for real-time data collection, storage and analysis.

Within the Smart Monitoring range, Manufacturing Floor Data is the first of two different offerings. This product stores relevant data tags/fields from production for an unlimited time. Tags can be assigned to a Maillefer line, another supplier's line, or any machine or smart sensor. The goal is to make data available to analyze whenever it is needed. Storage is unlimited except for disk capacity and backup strategy.

The analysis tool is Historian Client, which includes tools for trending, reporting and direct query of the data. The user can choose to collect a standard 500 tags or opt for a larger package of 5,000 tags.

The standard option is suitable for gathering certain quality-related parameters from all lines with similar measurement gauges (e.g. diameter gauges). When dealing with larger, more complex lines with multiple parameters (e.g. a full energy cable production line), selecting 5,000 tags would be more appropriate.

The second package — Manufacturing Floor Excellence — offers powerful analysis and accelerated decision-making features. The visual, informative and custom-tailored dashboards bring a wider understanding into the manufacturing process. The introductory configurations offer easy solutions for management and production personnel.

The package also includes machinery maintenance functions through preventive maintenance, with a module that integrates the maintenance tasks schedule, descriptions and engineering documents. Personnel have direct access to the information required to oversee and realize maintenance jobs.

With Manufacturing Floor Excellence, the maintenance team is kept up to date about tasks in the production line for all components, allowing the planning of activities weeks ahead for the next production shutdown.

Access rights are provided for modifying and adding tasks that are vital for certain machines and where there is a need to guarantee long-term operation.