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Setic/Pourtier at wire Mexico

For 30 years, Setic and Pourtier, and their US branch Gauder Group Inc, have been building knowledge, experience and ability to serve the wire and cable industry in the US and Mexico market.

The companies design and manufacture rotating machines for non-ferrous cable, offering a wide range of twisting/stranding solutions to cable makers, and will welcome visitors to Stand 151 at wire Mexico 2024 for face-to-face meetings.

SETIC provides high-speed double twist pairing/quadding and single twist lines for the automotive industry, and high quality LAN, special and control cables with enhanced performance. It continuously develops new lines and concepts for non-ferrous cables to meet needs such as special high-speed lines, better tension control, and ergonomic and eco-friendly machinery.

Pourtier is focused on heavy-duty stranders, cablers and armouring lines for non-ferrous cables, offering a complete range of stranding/paper lapping/cabling and armouring machines. Its multi-wire concentric stranding line and Setic large double twist are widely used for low and medium power cable production.

All of these machines are made to high European standards in design and manufacturing for the production of all types of high voltage and extra-high voltage power cable, from overhead cable (including ACCC, ACSS-TW and ACSR-TW) to insulated AC cable (using Milliken conductor) or DC cable (using large round compacted conductor or trapezoidal wires) of up to 127 wires.

The C2S Customer Services department can maintain machine productivity and enhance product quality, whatever the brand of the equipment.

Bow Technology makes high graded carbon bows for all sizes and all brands of double twist equipment, from 560 to 2,000mm. With a comprehensive range of 600+ designs, including the new generation multi-use GreenBow2+, the division offers a global service from conception to production.