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All-in-one take-up machine

Reelex Packaging Solutions is releasing an all-in-one cable-packaging machine capable of producing both linear and Reelex figure-eight winding patterns.

The S320e single-head take-up is based on the S320 dedicated Reelex machine, but uses a programmable traverse to wind cable in a linear or non-linear manner. The new machine allows distributors and cable manufacturers to have one packaging line produce a variety of different package configurations.

Operated by a single operator to cut, remove and reload spools, the S320e is a versatile and safety-conscious packaging machine.

Timothy Copp, VP of business development at Reelex, said, With a focus on operator safety and the latest controls technology, the S320e is ideal for cable manufacturers and distributors that are looking for a spooler but want the flexibility to produce other package types in the future. As an entry-level Reelex machine and priced as such, the S320e is an affordable way to have an all-in-one packaging machine suitable for a wide range of products.

The S320e features a manual safety door that physically isolates the operator from the machine when running. It also has dual-channel Category-4 safety devices to control hazardous energy sources and prevent unexpected start-up; industry-standard PLC controls; and readily available AC motors and drives.

Like the other next-generation take-ups manufactured by Reelex and released in 2022, the S320e is paired with Reelex's latest high-definition HMI touchscreen controls, featuring an advanced interface, networking capability and recipe-based product selection.

All S320e machines are supplied with custom-made pintles and shafts as specified by the customer. Multiple spool sizes can be accommodated up to 90kg (200lb), 51cm wide (20") and 61cm in diameter (24"). Maximum spindle speed is 750 rpm.