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Deep sea center takes off

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) and China together have officially launched the Joint Training and Research Centre (JTRC), to provide training in deep-sea related sciences to aspiring professionals from developing countries.

The JTRC will provide a platform for ISA to foster capacity-building, advance the transfer of marine technology and scientific knowledge to developing countries, and enhance participation in the scientific activities and programs conducted in the international seabed area, in line with the ISA Strategic Plan and High-Level Action Plan for 2019-2023.

The ISA-China JTRC will certainly be essential in the operationalization of the role and the responsibilities given to ISA by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ... and I am confident that by joining hands we will significantly contribute to ... the technical and scientific capacity of developing states [and] members of ISA, said ISA secretary-general Michael W Lodge in his opening remarks at the launch.

The Joint Training and Research Centre is affiliated to and hosted by the National Deep Sea Center of China in Qingdao.