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Automated wire-marking system

Identco, a manufacturer of labelling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation and general industrial sector, has introduced an automated marking system for wire and harness label applications.

The company's VortexID can precisely apply up to 20 labels per minute, and can operate 24 hours a day. Capable of handling a variety of American wire gauge sizes, the wire-marking system is suitable for a broad range of sectors whose products incorporate wires and harnesses, most notably electronics and automotive component production.

The module features 300 dpi printing capabilities, with labels applied via a vacuum plate with a rotating mechanism for reliable application on cylindrical products of any material.

The VortexID can apply both self-laminating and flag labels, using an interchangeable applicator. This versatility provides a flexible solution, eliminating the need to purchase specific machines for each label type. For both label types, the VortexID's application consistency and repeatability ensure neat, secure labels where essential product, traceability and electronics testing information is printed and unobscured.

Where other modules might be limited to eight hours of continuous operation, the robust VortexID can operate continuously, with the potential for thousands more processed products over the course of a single day.

As the demand for high-volume wire and harness manufacturing grows ever stronger, solutions that can automate key aspects along the production line — including, of course, the labelling process — are increasingly sought-after, said Emilio Garza, automation manager for Identco. Our new VortexID automated wire-marking unit combines high throughput and continuous operation with the precision printing and label placement necessary to ensure long-term information readability.