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Materials formulated to meet global fire requirements

Alphagary (Mexichem) designs and manufactures compounds that are purpose-built for wire and cable applications. Materials are engineered to pass fire-testing criteria from the US-NEC as well as European CPR (up to B2 standard) and to provide a wide range of performance attributes appropriate to meet UL standards such as 62, 83, 444, 1277, 1651 and others. Several compounds are listed in UL recognition categories QMTT2, QMTM2 and AATJ2.

The company's product offering has grown significantly over the years, and today includes FR-PVC (GW series for riser cables), speciality FR-PVC (Smokeguard® for plenum cables), PO low-smoke, halogen-free (Megolon®), TPE (Garaflex®), TPU (Garathane®) and CPE (GCPE series).

Formulations are shared among the company's manufacturing sites so that material can be produced locally for customers. The recent majority share acquisition of Shakun Polymers (India) has provided a local supply position to service the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Current materials include compounds that accommodate thinner-walled datacom cable designs. Cables transmitting data need the ability to bend, twist and flex to accommodate tight spaces without cracking, whitening or being difficult to install. The cables also need to pass robust fire performance requirements designed for safety in the event of a fire.

To support these new thin-wall designs, Alphagary has formulated sheathing compounds that still achieve the necessary flame-resistant criteria. When used to jacket cables, the improved flexibility of Megolon and Smokeguard compounds makes the cables easier to harness, and quicker to install and connect to devices, as well as supporting the fire-testing criteria.

Alphagary, an Orbia business, has nine manufacturing facilities across the USA, UK, Mexico, Colombia and India, serving 80 countries through a global sales and distribution network.