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A simple solution for dirty wire

It is not uncommon to have some dirty wire in stock. Wire fabrication involves oil, grease and metallic dust, which gets transferred to the wire processing equipment and degrades its performance.

Metallic dust mixed with oil and grease can cause machine problems and failures with production stops. The simplest and most economical solution is to add a rubber washer at the wire entry of the equipment, but this will still be messy – oil and dirt will concentrate on the washer and eventually fall to the floor.

A small new device made by AIM wipes the wire before it enters equipment. The wire passes through multiple high-durometer rubber wipes, which are easily replaceable by the user. Oil and debris is collected in a container, keeping the equipment clean and dry, and increasing production by reducing cleaning maintenance.

The new Wire-Wiper is available in two versions: a simple three-wipe system; and a three-wipe system with liquid cleaning and drying stages, plus a liquid pump to wash the wire and recycle the liquid from a large container, then dry it with an air-wipe.

For AIM customers, the device includes a bracket to AIM straighteners. The wipes are available for most standard wire sizes