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Replacing standard PA66 GF materials with PP GF

Teknor Apex, an expert in compound manufacturing, has developed a range of glass-filled engineering polypropylene with E-modules that reach 11,000 MPa and an HDT that reaches 160°C.

The purpose of this development was to replace glass filled PA66 and PA6 with modified glass filled PP, in an effort to offer customers alternative solutions that have similar properties to but are more economical than glass filled PA.

Advantages of the Teknor Apex engineering glass filled PP include an easy-to-process material, even through existing molds; similar shrinkage to PA; no need to pre-dry the material; and the melting temperature, processing temperature and mold temperature are all lower than those of PA. With good dimensional stability (no water or moisture absorption), they are temperature resistant (130°C/3,000h) and UV stabilized.

To date, the Teknor Apex modified PP has replaced several glass filled PA66 and PA6 applications on existing molds.

Teknor Apex Germany is one of the most important European manufacturers of engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic-elastomers for high performance applications, said account manager Joseph Leforestier.

The range of our products is articulated in a huge range of formulations, ready to use or tailor-made on request, and are exported worldwide for the electrical and electronics, industrial and automotive and transportation sectors.