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NKTelco completes multi-gigabit network in Jackson Center, Ohio

NKTelco, a communications provider in Ohio, has completed its fiber-to-the-premises system expansion in Jackson Center.

With this completion, 750 local homes and businesses are now connected to the company's fiber optic ring. This ring will provide continuity of service and status monitoring to all residents and businesses, including several large medical and commercial establishments, and give local healthcare and schools access to the advanced technology.

In addition to the construction of multi-gigabit fiber services, NKTelco has installed an automated sports camera in the high school gymnasium for the Jackson Center Tigers, allowing the school to live-stream sporting activities to the public at any time using the subscription platform.

Jackson Center residents have been looking forward to the completion of this project and I'm sure they will be very happy with the results, said Preston Meyer, general manager of NKTelco. We are committed to playing an active role in bringing multi-gigabit data services to everyone who lives in Jackson Center.