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Final acceptance certificate for robotic tagging application

In summer 2020, Alfa Acciai awarded a contract to Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) for the supply and installation of two advanced robots for tagging processes at its wire rod rolling mill in Brescia, Italy. Activities involved a robotic island in the evacuation area for applying tags to the wire rod rolls. The entire supply included testing, commissioning and remote assistance.

The Alfa Acciai Group manufactures reinforcing steel and wire rod. The parent company operates one of the largest EAF steel mills in Italy.

The new system helps the customer to improve the identification and traceability of materials, as well as reducing human errors. The level-1 automation system acquires the weight of the wire rod rolls before they reach the robotic island. With the support of a 3D vision system, the tags are placed on the feeding lines cradles. A mobile carriage allows the robot to reach both lines from right and left sides. To prevent plant downtime, two backup printers are installed on the site.

In September 2021, Alfa Acciai's technical manager granted the final acceptance certificate (FAC) to AIC Group, after the results of successful testing.

AIC provides advanced and tailored automation and robotic solutions for the steel industry, with the aim of improving efficiency and safety of production processes. The company has experience in both greenfield and revamping projects, in melt shops and long-product rolling mills.

Alfa Acciai is equipped with a scrap shredder, two electric arc furnaces, two rebar mills, one wire rod mill and a downstream production site for the production of an extended range of rebars, coils and recoiled wire for reinforced concrete, high-ductility welded wire mesh and wire rod.