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In-line measuring systems

Zumbach Electronic is a manufacturer of in-line measuring systems for industrial applications, providing accurate, reliable and comprehensive industrial gauging, process control and quality/production data acquisition technology.

The company's instruments measure diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, cross section, shape, capacitance and more. Zumbach also provides fault detection systems, inductive preheaters for metal conductors, spark testers for in-line testing of the dielectric, optical surface inspection systems, in-line profile monitoring systems, data acquisition and FFT analysis.

Zumbach states that manufacturers around the world have integrated its systems into their processes to increase output, reduce material costs and downtime, improve safety and control quality. The systems provide quality improvements in manufacturing through tighter tolerances, better transmission capabilities and improved workflow.

The company employs technologies such as lasers/optics, ultrasonic, X-ray and high-voltage technology, and holds numerous international patents and trademarks.